Upcoming ASQ PROGRAMS (2017) 

Next dinner program will be in October 2017.

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Past Presentations:

VT-ASQ Section 0112 is pleased to present:

June 15, 2017: Leadership Versus Management in Quality Organizations
Program Overview: What is leadership? What is management? How do they complement each other? And most importantly to you (us): how do these varied approaches impact the quality organization? Peter Drucker said, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” There are many definitions of leadership and even more opinions of what “good” leadership is.

April 2017: 14th Star Brewery Tour in Saint Albans.

March 2017: Risk-based Process Assurance & Quality Prevention. A panel of operations & quality leaders from Vermont companies will speak to their efforts, past and present, to be more “risk-based’; including how they see that risk management is enhancing the quality provided to the customers and “interested parties” their organization serves.

Jan 2017 - Benefits & Challenges of Setting Up and Maintaining a “Green” Supply ChainVT-ASQ Section 0112 is pleased to presents: TPC Networking eventRevisions to ISO 9001:2015 Program Overview:

Feb 2017: ISO 9001:2015 is less a radical departure from past versions than the logical outcome of a long evolution. Jim’s presentation will highlight the real changes from the previous version of the standard, focus on what changes currently registered organizations must do satisfy changes in the 2015 version, and attempt to demystify the requirements for “risk-based thinking,” which have generate much discussion and concern in the quality community. Click the following link for the PowerPoint presentation slides:

Link to ISO9001:2015 PPT

Sep 2016: A Plant Tour of Renewable NRG Systems

June 2016 - Managing Change in Complex Times - Presented by George Strodtbeck.

April 2016:  Managing Subjective QualityFeb 2016: TrackWise Document Control - Presented by Lisa Desmet

Jan 2016: 10th Annual PC Networking Night Jan. 28 2016December 2015:  Program:  VT-ASQ Section 0112 is pleased to present:

Annual Holiday Celebrate Quality Event

October 2015: Risk Management with Duke Oakes.

September 2015 - Supplier Management

April 2015:ISO: Risk Based Thinking -15 TakeawaysISO: Risk Based Thinking -15 TakeawaysFull Product Lifecycle Quality Record Management

Presenter: Craig Giles

Annual Holiday Dinner event (Free)

Upcoming Trends in Supply Chain Management

Click here for Presentation pdf