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A Certification Preparation course for the: 

Certified Supplier Quality Professional (CSQP)

Certification Exam Prep Course; starts July 6th!
For certification details:

2017 Exam Date: November 3­19, 2017 (must apply by October 6th)
Go to for the exam fee and the terms & qualifications required to take the
CSQP exam. The CSQP brochure is attached with this schedule.

Class Location: Some classes will be held face-­to-­face; some will be delivered
virtually (we will use WebEx); but all classes will be live on WebEx and recorded.

Class Day & Time: 6:00-­8:30pm; Thursday evenings (unless otherwise changed to
accommodate instructor & participant needs). We will meet bi-­weekly.
Course Fee: $675.00; Primer CSQP study materials included;; does not include
ASQ exam fee or the ASQ CSQP Handbook

Primary Instructor: Tim King; CMQ/OE; CQA, CQI; Master LSSBB from Thayer
School of Engineering at Dartmouth College; VT ASQ Section Chair & Education

Session Date Topic & BOK Section _
1 7/06 Orient to class;; BOK I: Supplier Strategy
2 7/20 BOK II: Risk Management
3 8/3 BOK III: Supplier Selection & Part Qualification
4 8/17 BOK IV: Supplier Performance Monitoring & Improvement
5 8/31 BOK V: Supplier Quality Management
6 9/7 BOK VI: Relationship Management
7 9/21 BOK VII: Business Governance, Ethics & Compliance; also take sample ASQ test

Pre­work: You are expected to have read the section to be covered, and answer
practice test questions, PRIOR to each class. Failure to do so can reduce your
chances of passing the exam. Instructor reviews key points, answer questions of the
class, and goes over test questions, but they cannot cover content in full detail.

Course Materials: The CSQP Primer, practice question solution guide, and all additional
handouts (including BOK summaries of key topics to comprehend).

Questions or to reserve a slot in the class:
Tim King Cell: 802-­598-­7333
(payment method via Paypal or credit card at


Past Educational Events: 

Upcoming ASQ CQA Preparation Course (Certified Quality Auditor)
Certification Exam Prep Course; starts soon!
Register by: March 25, 2016

Fee: $495.00 includes all materials & CQA prep PRIMER handbook

2016 Exam Dates: June 4 and December 3, 2016
à must apply 6 weeks prior; this is a 5-hour exam; 150 questions.

Dates: 6 sessions; Monday or Tuesday evenings; Webex only **
Session 1 starts: Week of March 28th
Session 6 before June exam

Location: Webex **; session time is 6:00 – 8pm

Session Topic (CQE Primer Sections)

1 Orientation & Part 1: Audit Fundamentals
2 Part II: Audit Process

3 Part III: Auditor Competencies

4 Part IV: Audit Program & Business Application

5 Part V: Tools & Techniques (may go a bit into Session 6)
6 ** Help session: test taking tips; practice exam;
BoK summary reference sheets (may be face-to-face: TBD)

Pre-work to Session 1: 1) Review 1st tab on CQA details 2) Read and make notes on Tab 2 (Part II) on Audit Fundamentals 3) Answer the sample test questions for Tab 2 and check your answers in solution booklet 4) come to class with questions on reading and the sample questions.

Sessions 2-6 pre-work: You are expected to have read the section to be covered and answer practice test questions PRIOR to each class; failure to do so can reduce your chances of passing the exam. Instructors will review the key content areas, answer questions, and go over practice test questions; they do not cover content in fine detail so pre-reading is important.

Register: Go to
For exam fees; terms & qualifications required to take the CQA exam got to:

Questions: Tim King 802-598-7333
VT ASQ Section Education Chair and Vice-Chair


Past Class:
CMQ/OE Certification Exam Prep Course

Next Local Exam Date: March 5, 2016 (next date is October 1, 2016)

Instructor & Course Administrator: Tim King; CMQ/OE, CQA cell: 802-598-7333

Course Time/Location: Orientation Session + 7 Session; 3 hrs. each
Monday Nights: Monday nights 5-8pm; light snacks provided
This will be a blend of on-line (Webex) presentations and classroom sessions depending on instructor business travel plans

Class Room Location: TBD in Chittenden County

Date: Body of Knowledge Covered (explained; key points; discussions)
Jan 11th General informational web-ex session & orientation for those taking class
Jan 18 Part I: Leadership
Jan 2 5 Part III: Management Elements & Methods
Feb. 1 Part II: Strategy Plan Development & Deployment
Break & Catch-up Week
Feb 8 Part IV: Quality Management Tools
Feb. 15 Part V: Customer Focused Organizations
Feb 22 Part VI: Supply Chain Management &
Part VII: Training & Development
Feb. 29 Test Aids/Techniques & Final Exam Prep (web-ex session)
Web-ex sessions only: Tim will send Webex invitations to the class.
Note: All classes will be recorded and have live Web-ex access for travelers.

You Must: Read & review each session’s chapter(s) in the book before we cover it together; including any practice test questions for that section.
Come to each session prepared with your questions (clarifications) & insights!

Note: the study materials included are:
ASQ CMQOE Handbook
Practice test questions
Supporting handouts and exam “test aids”
Course fee does not include the ASQ exam fee: go to the ASQ link above for the exam fee and the terms/qualifications required to take this exam.
Sign-up by December 30th please! Books will get ordered on 31st

Payment of $575.00 to be received before 1st class:
Make checks to: VTASQ and send to: Dave Satre; ASQ Treasurer  PO Box 242 Randolph Center, VT 05061
PayPal go to: or use the Pay Pal Button Below:

2016 ASQ Certification Prep Courses

Based on a recent survey we have two (2) ASQ Certification prep course to offer you in Q1 & Q2 of 2016:

CMQ/OE: this will run starting January 2016 in time for the March 2016 exam. We had quite a of interest; course information is below (and attached)
Register by 12-30-15 please; books 7 materials must be ordered
Use Paypal at or send check payable to VT ASQ.
We are looking at Monday nights; may change based on preferences of those registering

CQA: We will offer a 2-day CQA Certification Prep Course in April or May of 2016 to prepare you for the CQA exam in June 2016- watch for details in March of 2016
If you have any questions please let us know!

Until then, Happy Holidays!


Please join us in congratulating the following for Attaining certification as Six Sigma Blackbelts !

– Adam Barsky

-Bruce Therrien

– DustinFregeau



For certification details:

2015 Exam Dates: June 6th and December 5th, 2015 (You must apply 6 weeks prior) Go to for the exam fee and the terms & qualifications required to take the CQE exam. Register now, go to: (Education/Training).

Go to for: exam fees; terms & qualifications required to take the CQA exam.

 Questions: Tim King Cell: 802-598-7333